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Built-in lighting certification test

Recessed luminaire means that after the luminaire is installed and used, the structure of the luminaire body is not leaking, that is, only the side of the lamp can be seen, and the other parts of the lamp body are embedded in the building or other objects and cannot be seen Got. Common downlights and panel lights in daily life are all recessed lamps. The common certification and testing standards for recessed lamps are as follows:

UL/ETL certification standards

UL1598, UL8750 or UL1598C, UL8750

CCC/CQC certification standards

GB 7000.1

GB 7000.202

IEC/TR 62778 (Blue Light Hazard)

GB 17743 (EMC radiation)

GB 17625 (EMC harmonics)

Recessed lighting CE/TUV/GS certification standards

EN 60598-1

EN 60598-2-2

EN 62471

IEC/TR 62778

EN 62493

CB certification standard

IEC 60598-1

IEC 60598-2-2

IEC 62471

IEC/TR 62778

IEC 62493

SAA certification standard for recessed lamps

AS/NZS 60598-1

AS/NZS 60598-2-2

IEC 62471

IEC/TR 62778

IEC 62493

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