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Low heat, miniaturization, short response time, etc., all of which make LED light sources have great advantages and create favorable conditions for application in actual production and life. With the rush of the market, as consumers, the selection of LEDs generally requires a calm and scientific analysis, and the best cost-effective light source lamps are used. High-quality light sources can promote consumers to buy lamps.

LED light source certification and testing company:

Meide Testing is a professional testing service organization dedicated to obtaining domestic and international certifications for Chinese companies. It is a professional lighting testing service provider that can provide safety, energy efficiency testing and certification services. We have complete equipment and senior engineering team, and have formed a complete service system with our rich project experience. According to regulatory requirements, standard requirements and your specific requirements, we provide comprehensive and rapid testing and certification services for your LED light source products to help your products meet the requirements of North America, EU and other standards, gain market access, and increase market competitiveness .

service advantage:

1. More than ten years of experience in the lighting certification industry, strong technical strength;

2. One-stop service for lamp safety regulations, electromagnetic compatibility, and energy efficiency certification;

3. Localization of lamps and lanterns testing and certification services, greatly shortening the certification cycle, and the price is 50% lower than that of international institutions;

4. Laboratories authorized by major institutions around the world, and international authoritative accreditation service organizations;

5. The lighting certification test ability and service efficiency are second to none in the industry;

6. The senior engineer team provides full one-to-one service, which greatly improves the certification efficiency and pass rate.

Service area:

LED tube, LED bulb, self-ballasted fluorescent lamp


Certification service items:

Energy efficiency: Energy Star certification, DOE certification, CEC certification, DLC certification, ErP testing, GEMS certification, K-MEPS certification, NRCAN certification

Americas: UL certification, ETL certification, CSA certification, FCC certification, INMETRO certification, IRAM certification, NOM certification

Europe: CE certification, ROHS certification, REACH certification, WEEE certification, BS certification, GS certification, TUV certification, BEAB certification, CU certification

Asia: CCC certification, CQC certification, BSMI certification, HKSI certification, PSE certification, KC certification, KCC certification,

Australia: SAA certification, C-TICK certification, RCM certification

Others: CB certification, PSB certification, SIRIM certification, BIS certification, SASO certification, SABS certification, SONCAP certification



Test Range

UL safety test, IEC/EN safety test, GB safety test, FCC test, EMC electromagnetic compatibility test,

Life test: 6000 hours endurance test

Energy efficiency test: lumen maintenance, color temperature, color rendering index, luminous flux, beam angle



American UL

European Union CE


LED tube 




LED bulb light




Self-ballasted fluorescent lamp 




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