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JD/Tmall test report

Introduction to JD/Tmall Quality Inspection Report:

The quality inspection report is a written report that reflects the condition of the product after performing performance or safety testing on the product according to customer requirements or standardization requirements, and after analysis and research.

The JD/Tmall quality inspection report means that JD/Tmall mall has all the products in its investment catalog. When merchants need to enter, they need to provide at least one quality inspection report of a trademark as a qualification document for entry.

Why do you need testing? According to the current quality inspections for all products before you sell them, and the statistics of the company’s product qualifications, it is mainly to identify the product quality up to the standard written certification, and the results are obtained through the quality testing of products and equipment Is to ensure product quality system standards.



Why does JD/Tmall require a quality inspection report?

With the rise of online marketing, more and more people buy fakes in online shopping malls. As an important means of identifying product quality and authenticity, the importance of quality inspection reports has been revealed. Many illegal merchants will not be able to enter JD.com/Tmall if their products do not have qualified quality inspection reports.

What are the uses of JD/Tmall quality inspection reports?

1. Bidding-government departments and institutions bidding

2. Enter large supermarkets or stores, major online shopping malls

3. Review certificate and apply for government subsidy

4. Industrial and commercial quality inspection and market supervision

5. Domestic market sales, qualification certification, etc.



JD/Tmall quality inspection report requirements:

1. Provide a Chinese manual (the product name and model requirements and parameters on the manual are the same as those on the product nameplate. If products of the same series, different models and specifications use the same manual, the differences must be explained on the manual); The size and text type are also required.

2. The nameplate is required on the product: the nameplate is required to have the name of the manufacturer (for domestically produced products, the legally registered name of the manufacturer of the product should be indicated on the product. Imported products may not have the name of the original manufacturer, but the place of origin (country) Or region));

JD/Tmall Quality Inspection Report Validity Period:

1. First of all, the quality inspection report of the product is distinguished according to the different nature, use, and electrical characteristics of the product, and the appropriate national standard or industrial standard is selected for testing. Therefore, the test report issued by the test agency does not have a specific validity period and comes in accordance with the regulations. The regulations do not change. In theory, the report has always been effective.

2. However, for Tmall Mall, the regulatory agency of the mall does random inspections from time to time. For different products, you may be required to update the quality inspection report once a year or half a year. To ensure that the products you sell now maintain a relatively high quality.

3. The supervision and spot check of the quality supervision department is generally arranged once a year. Therefore, the supervision and inspection report of more than one year should not be accepted. For general commissioned inspection reports, there are signs or instructions on the report. The acceptance of such inspection reports should be relatively lower and the time should be shorter.


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