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Malaysia SIRIM


The product certification system implemented in Malaysia is divided into two types: mandatory certification and voluntary certification. Communication equipment and the 31 major categories of electrical products specified in the "Electrical Equipment Approval Regulations" must be subject to mandatory type certification and safety certification, and other products belong to the category of voluntary certification. Currently, Malaysia has not implemented mandatory requirements for electromagnetic compatibility. SIRIM certification is a certification organization in Malaysia. Any factory or company can apply to SIRIM, and conduct audits and obtain accreditation in accordance with the recognized standards under the product certification system. These certifications are voluntary, but in many cases, compulsory certification is required in response to government regulations. There are many different types of products in Malaysia that need to meet the requirements of the IECEE CB system. The MS mark and ST mark are voluntary and mandatory safety signs for products exported to Malaysia.

In many lighting fields such as residential use, facility use and street lighting, existing lighting is expected to be replaced with LED lighting. The LED lighting products exported to Malaysia have passed the SIRIM certification, which proves that the lighting products are produced under effective testing, supervision and control, and can give Malaysian lighting users a guarantee of safety and reliability before they can compete in the market. Compared with non-standard products, Shanghai has a greater advantage, greatly increasing the visibility of lighting manufacturers, and is conducive to better market development.

SIRIM certification body

Meide Testing is a global certification and testing service provider focusing on lighting products. It provides certification services for safety, electromagnetic compatibility and energy efficiency of lighting products worldwide. It is a third-party certification and testing agency dedicated to obtaining domestic and international certification for enterprises. As a professional Malaysian SIRIM certification agency, Meide Testing has more than ten years of experience in certification and testing of lighting products, a complete testing laboratory and sophisticated experimental equipment, a team of 100 people in the industry, and the strength to obtain lighting products for our customers Malaysia SIRIM certification provides a full range of one-stop testing and certification services.


service advantage:

1. More than ten years of experience in the lamp SIRIM certification industry, with strong certification and testing technology;

2. Provide SIRIM certified product evaluation, testing, rectification, certification and other services;

3. Familiar with the certification process, greatly shorten the SIRIM certification cycle and reduce costs;

4. The senior engineer team is familiar with certification knowledge and provides professional services to customers;

5. The laboratory area is large, the testing equipment is sophisticated, and the team has a high efficiency of one-to-one service;

6. The SIRIM certification agency recognizes our test data and obtains the certification quickly and accurately.

SIRIM certification steps

1. Lamp manufacturers directly consult with Mede Testing;

2. Meide tests and confirms the products that need to be certified and informs the manufacturer of the technical data, related documents and fees required for certification;

3. The manufacturer submits an application as required;

4. Meide test confirmation, registration, determine the test date, the manufacturer submits the test sample, pays the test fee to start the test;

5. Meide testing forms a test report and informs the manufacturer of the certification result.


SIRIM certified lighting product range

Fluorescent lamp holders and starters, bayonet lamp holders and multi-head adapters, lamps, portable lights, Christmas lights, ballasts

SIRIM certified factory inspection requirements

1. The first factory inspection must comply with the product certification system, and once it meets the requirements, a certificate will be issued.

2. The certificate is valid for one year. In order to ensure that the certificate is renewed, the annual inspection must be performed.

3. Market supervision is also implemented at the same time

4. Subsequent sample testing may happen

5. Complaints and appeals to NCB shall be submitted in written form to the general manager of SIRIM QAS Certification and Inspection Service Department.

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