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Lighting Safety test

Meide testing focuses on global certification and testing of lighting products. It has a large-scale lighting testing laboratory base of 5000 square meters in Songshan Lake, Dongguan. It has the industry's high-standard configuration of lighting product safety certification test equipment, as well as the light intensity distribution and light distribution of LED lighting. Light performance testing equipment such as color rendering, spectral luminous efficiency, and Energy Star. Including lighting safety laboratory, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) laboratory, lighting energy efficiency laboratory, light performance and light distribution laboratory and chemical laboratory. It can provide global lighting manufacturers with certification and testing services such as safety, energy efficiency, electromagnetic compatibility, and physical chemistry.

Lamp safety inspection items:

IPxx waterproof and dustproof test, UL rain test, temperature test or ISTMT, lamp vibration test, IEC/TR 62778 blue light hazard, IEC/EN 62471 photobiological safety, label test, ground test, electric shock test, moisture and insulation Impedance test, electric strength test, fault test, creepage distance and clearance measurement, durability and thermal test, ball pressure/needle flame/glow wire/leakage tracking test, power cord tension test, lamp cap interchangeability, mechanical test , Leakage current test, working voltage test, roller test, stability test, etc.

Meide partial test equipment


Lighting Safety Laboratory


Comprehensive tester for lamp safety regulations


Multi-channel temperature tester


Universal integrated reference source for fluorescent lamps


Intelligent Digital Torque Meter


Flood light wind tester 

Some lighting safety standards

Fixed lamps: UL1598, UL8750, GB7000.201, EN60598-2-1, IEC60598-2-1, AS/NZS60598.2.1...

Recessed lamps: UL1598, UL8750, GB7000.202, EN60598-2-2, IEC60598-2-2, AS/NZS60598.2.2...

Road and street lighting: UL1598, UL8750, GB7000.203, EN60598-2-3, IEC60598-2-3, AS/NZS 60598.2.3...

Portable general-purpose lamps: UL153, GB7000.204, EN60598-2-4, IEC60598-2-4, AS/NZS60598.2.4...

Flood light: UL153, GB 7000.7, EN60598-2-5, IEC60598-2-5, AS/NZS 60598.2.5...

Portable lamp: UL153, GB7000.208, EN60598-2-8, IEC60598-2-8, AS/NZS60598.2.8...

Portable general purpose lamps for children: UL153, GB7000.4, EN60598-2-10, IEC60598-2-10, AS/NZS60598.2.10...

Main safety certification items:

European Union CE certification, German GS certification, U.S. UL certification, U.S. ETL certification, Canadian CSA certification, China CCC certification, Australia SAA certification, South Korea KC certification, Japan PSE certification, India BIS certification, German TUV certification, international CB certification... ..








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