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The NOM (Normas Oficiales Mexicanas) mark is a mandatory safety mark in Mexico to indicate that the product complies with the relevant NOM standards. The NOM mark applies to most products, including telecommunications and information technology equipment, household electrical appliances, lamps and other products that are potentially hazardous to health and safety. Whether locally manufactured or imported in Mexico, products must comply with relevant NOM standards and product labeling regulations.

Mexico only recognizes its own NOM safety mark, and the safety marks of the United States and Canada (such as CUL, ETL, CSA) are not recognized by the government of that country. Lighting products that require compulsory certification can only enter the Mexican market with the NOM safety mark.

NOM certified laboratory:

Meide Testing, focusing on the global certification and testing team of lighting products, is a third-party certification and testing organization dedicated to obtaining domestic and international certification for Chinese companies. In South China (Dongguan), it has established a large-scale testing base for the industry, strictly enforces quality control in accordance with the laboratory accreditation system standard ISO/IEC 17025, and has successively obtained the authorization of UL from the United States and TUV from Germany. There is no doubt about the professional certification strength. We have a complete testing laboratory, sophisticated laboratory equipment and industry senior Mexican NOM certified engineers, which can help your products obtain NOM certification and market in the Mexican market. We are your primary partner for NOM certification.

service advantage:

1. More than ten years of experience in the lighting certification industry, and strong NOM certification testing technology;

2. Provide NOM certified product evaluation, testing, rectification, certification and other services;

3. Familiar with the whole process of NOM certification, effectively saving customers certification time;

4. A team of industry experienced engineers will quickly answer your certification doubts and provide professional services;

5. The laboratory area is large, the testing equipment is sophisticated, and the professional team provides one-to-one service with high efficiency;

6. The lighting NOM certification test ability is strong, and the service efficiency is second to none in the industry.

Service area:

LED lamps: fixed general purpose lamps, portable general purpose lamps, recessed lamps, night lamps installed with power sockets for aquarium lamps, ground recessed lamps, children’s movable lamps, fixed lamps, movable lamps, recessed lamps, pendant lamps , Ceiling lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, table lamps, downlights, spotlights, bathroom lights, mirror box lights, track lights, mural lights, curtain lights, cabinet lights, floor lights, cabinet ceiling lights, street lights, garden lights, low-voltage lights, LED tubes, LED compatible tubes, LED bulbs, LED filament lamps, LED strips, fluorescent bulbs, advertising lights, lamp holders/adapters, LED drivers, LED light sources...


NOM certification data preparation:

1. Application Form

2. Agency * Statement

3. Registration documents of the local importer or distributor

4. Relevant certificates (GS or CB certificate and report of TUV SUD)

5. Spanish instruction manual (requirement includes warranty statement)

6. Technical documents (circuit diagram, assembly drawing, parts list) or CB (including Mexican deviation)

7. Service Manual

8. Company Profile (English)

9. Parts supply guarantee


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