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The LVD Low Voltage Directive (LowVoltage Directive 2006/95/EEC) is a directive for coordinating the regulations of various member states for electrical equipment within a specific voltage (low voltage) range. The goal of LVD is to ensure the safety of low-voltage equipment in use. The scope of application of the directive is to use electrical products with a voltage between AC 50V to 1500V and DC 75V to 1500V. This directive contains all safety rules for this equipment, including protection against dangers caused by mechanical reasons. The design and structure of the equipment should ensure that there will be no danger when used under normal working conditions or under fault conditions according to its intended purpose. In particular, the following risks should be evaluated:

1) Electric shock (ElectricShock); 2) Hazardous energy (Energyhazard); 3) Fire (Fire); 4) Mechanical and heat hazard; 5) Radiation hazard; 6) Chemical Hazard )

The relationship between the LVD directive and the CE mark

The CE mark is a self-declaration that the manufacturer’s products comply with the corresponding EU directives, including the Low Voltage Directive (LVD), Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC), etc. In order to clearly indicate that the product complies with its Low Voltage Directive, the CE mark must be marked on the product. If the CE mark cannot be marked on the product, it can also be marked on the product packaging, user manual or guarantee (guarantee). The way the manufacturer uses the CE mark to mark the product is to inform the governments of the European Community that his product is legally sold and that the product meets the official requirements included in the CE mark. However, the CE mark is not a consumer-recognized mark, but only a recognized mark that the governments of the European Community allow for import.


Meide testing, focusing on global certification and testing of lighting products, has a large luminaire testing laboratory base of 5000㎡, sophisticated laboratory equipment and industry senior LVD certified engineers, which can help your products obtain LVD certification and market in the European market. You apply for LVD certification Partner.

service advantage

1. More than ten years of experience in the lighting LVD certification industry, with strong certification and testing technology;

2. Localization of lamps and lanterns testing and certification services, greatly shortening the certification cycle and quickly issuing certification;

3. Familiar with the LVD certification process, greatly shorten the LVD certification cycle and reduce costs;

4. The senior LVD certified engineer team provides full one-to-one service, which greatly improves the certification efficiency and pass rate.

5. Lamp LVD certification test ability and service efficiency are second to none in the industry;

Service area

LED control devices, LED modules, LED bulbs, corn lights, LED tubes, fixed lamps (ceiling lamps, wall lamps, wall wash lamps, chandeliers, fixed bracket lamps, high bay lamps, etc.), embedded lamps (tube Lamps, panel lamps, etc.), portable general purpose lamps, portable garden lamps, children’s portable lamps, LED street lamps, street lamps, floodlights, floodlights, track lights, portable lights, night lights, floor lights Buried lights, light strings, LED replacement light sources, LED drivers, LED light bars, ballasts, advertising lights, mirror lights, etc.


The basic requirements of the LVD directive

1. General rules

(A) The basic characteristics, identification, and precautions to be observed to ensure that the electrical product will be safely used within its designed purpose must be marked on the equipment or when it is impossible to mark on the equipment, mark it On the manual attached to the product;

(B) The manufacturer's name, brand or commercial logo is clearly printed on the electrical equipment, or if it is impossible to be printed on the equipment, print it on the package;

(C) The manufacture of electrical equipment and its components shall ensure that they can be safely and appropriately combined and connected;

(D) The design and manufacture of electrical equipment shall ensure that it meets the requirements for protection against the dangers described in points 2 and 3 of this appendix when used according to its intended purpose and properly maintained.

2. Requirements for protection from the dangers of electrical equipment itself

Technical disposal methods should be marked as specified in point 1 to ensure:

(A) Persons and livestock are properly protected from the danger of physical or other injuries caused by direct or indirect electrical contact;

(B) It will not produce dangerous temperature, arc or radiation;

(C) Persons, livestock, and property are properly protected from non-electrical hazards empirically caused by the electrical equipment.

(D) Insulation must be suitable for all foreseeable conditions.


3. Protection requirements against the dangers caused by external factors affecting electrical equipment

Technical disposal methods shall be specified in point 1 to ensure:

(A) The electrical product meets the expected mechanical requirements to protect people, livestock and property from danger;

(B) The electrical product can resist non-mechanical influence factors under the expected environmental conditions, so as to protect people, livestock and property from danger;

(C) The electrical product will not endanger the safety of people, livestock and property under the foreseeable overload situation.

LVD certification time period and validity period

Cycle: about 2 weeks. In special circumstances, such as abnormal testing, incomplete sample provision, etc., the corresponding time needs to be increased according to the actual situation.

Validity period: It depends on whether the standard has expired. If the standard expires, the certificate will expire accordingly and re-certification is required.

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