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Europe REACH

Introduction to REACH regulations

REACH refers to the EU regulations "Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals", which is the EU's regulations on preventive management of all chemicals entering its market. It will be officially implemented on June 1, 2007. It involves substances, configuration goods, and articles. In terms of articles, it is mainly the transmission of information on substances of very high concern (SVHC). So far, there are 169 types of SVHC, which will be increased in the future. REACH will create a unified chemical management system within the EU, enabling companies to follow the same principles to produce new chemicals and their products

Certified product type

Registration (Registration) All chemical substances with an annual output or import volume of more than 1 ton need to be registered, and chemical substances with an annual output or import volume of more than 10 tons should also submit a chemical safety report.

Evaluation (Evaluation) includes file evaluation and material evaluation. File evaluation is to check the completeness and consistency of the registration files submitted by the company. Substance assessment refers to confirming the risk of chemical substances harming human health and the environment.

Authorization (Authorization) authorizes the production and import of chemical substances that have certain hazardous characteristics and attract people's attention, including CMR, PBT, vPvB, etc.

Restriction If it is deemed that the manufacture, placing on the market or use of a certain substance, its configuration, or products will cause the risk to human health and the environment to be insufficiently controlled, its production or import in the EU will be restricted. Note: PBT persistence, bioaccumulation and toxic chemicals vPvB High persistence, high bioaccumulation chemicals CMR carcinogenic, mutagenic and biotoxic substances


Certification issuing agency

All qualified institutions in the EU, third-party testing laboratories, and virtue testing can issue reports. Meide Testing is a global certification and testing service provider that focuses on lighting products. It is a third-party certification and testing organization dedicated to obtaining domestic and international certification for Chinese companies. It can carry out global lighting product safety and energy efficiency certification services. We are authorized laboratories by UL in the United States and TUV in Germany. We have a large-scale luminaire testing laboratory base of 5000㎡, sophisticated laboratory equipment and senior reach certified engineers in the industry. We can help your products pass the reach certification and sell in the European market. Your primary partner for reaching certification.

service advantage

1. More than ten years of experience in the lighting reach certification industry, strong certification and testing technology;

2. Localization of lamps and lanterns testing and certification services, greatly shortening the certification cycle and quickly issuing certification;

3. Familiar with the reach certification process, greatly shorten the reach certification cycle and reduce costs;

4. A team of senior reach certified engineers provides full one-to-one service, which greatly improves the certification efficiency and pass rate.

5. The lighting reach certification test ability and service efficiency are second to none in the industry;

Other considerations

Unlike the RoHS directive, REACH covers a much wider range. In fact, it will affect products and manufacturing processes in almost all industries, from mining to textiles and garments, light industry, and electromechanical industries.


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