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Hong Kong HKSI

Hong Kong’s Electrical Products (Safety) Regulations are formulated in accordance with Article 59 of Hong Kong’s Electricity Ordinance (Chapter 406). It was published in the Gazette on May 2, 1997 and became effective in 1998. The regulations were amended on April 7, 2000. The revised regulations were published in the Gazette and came into effect on December 1, 2000. In June 2007, the Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Services Department also published a new version of the "Electrical Products (Safety) Regulation" guide, which specifies the implementation of the "Electrical Products (Safety) Regulation". The "Hong Kong Safety Mark Scheme" was established by Hong Kong Certification Center Co., Ltd., an affiliate of the Hong Kong Standards and Testing Center. This scheme is a product certification scheme in Hong Kong. The "Hong Kong Safety Mark" attached to the product means that the product has passed the test of the center and meets the relevant safety standards. 

Certification mark


Hong Kong is a highly prosperous international metropolis with a population density of the third largest in the world. It is one of the world's richest, most economically developed areas and the highest standard of living. It pays more attention to and needs high-quality lighting products. Hong Kong and Taiwan-funded LED companies in the Pearl River Delta region, or LED manufacturers in the Mainland, who want to open up the market and enter the Hong Kong market have a great advantage, but if they want to enter the Hong Kong LED market for sales, they must have Hong Kong S mark certification. . Lighting manufacturers can directly conduct safety testing and EMC testing on LED lighting products through virtue testing. After passing the test, engineers from virtue testing can directly apply for the Hong Kong safety and EMC certification mark of LED lamps. Products that must meet the requirements of the regulations are divided into "announced products" and "non-announced products". Lamps are non-announced products and adopt IEC standards.

Hong Kong Smark Certification Laboratory

Meide Testing is a well-known, impartial and independent third-party professional testing and certification organization for lighting products in China. It has a complete testing laboratory and sophisticated experimental equipment. We also have a group of experienced testing engineers and an excellent and professional sales team. The scale of the industry is advanced. We can provide export certification free evaluation, free pre-testing and other services for your lighting products, which will ensure that you use a short time and reasonable For the cost, we successfully obtained the Hong Kong S mark certification, leading to the Hong Kong market in China!

service advantage:

1. More than ten years of experience in the lighting S mark certification industry, strong certification and testing technology;

2. Provide S mark certified product evaluation, testing, rectification, certification and other services;

3. Familiar with the certification process, help you get the certification in a short time and at a reasonable cost;

4. The senior engineer team provides professional services, and the S mark certification pass rate is high;

5. The lighting S mark certification test equipment is sophisticated, and the team has a high efficiency of one-to-one service;


According to the safety requirements of the regulations, electrical products (including lamps) must meet the following basic safety requirements:

1. All electrical products must comply with the basic safety specifications specified in the regulations;

2. Electrical products must be designed and manufactured in accordance with good engineering techniques to ensure user safety;

3. Ensure that electrical products comply with national/international standards announced by regulations;

4. For electrical products not listed in the catalogue of regulations, they must comply with the applicable relevant safety standards, and be able to provide corresponding documents proving their compliance with the standards: such as test reports, standard texts adopted, or technical reports of related standards ;

5. For new products that do not have any standards, they still need to meet the applicable safety requirements announced by the regulations. Manufacturers and suppliers should ensure that they are manufactured and tested in accordance with the relevant safety standards in the regulations, and can provide relevant certification materials.

Design requirements for non-announced products (including lamps):

1. Electrical products with a single-phase power supply voltage not less than 200 V;

2. Electrical products with the highest rated current value not exceeding 15 A and connected by flexible wires and plugs: but must be equipped with plugs with correct ratings that meet safety specifications;

3. For any electrical product that is designed to obtain power from a power socket and does not need to be connected by flexible wires, the structure and size of its pins must meet the requirements of BS 546 or BS 1363 Part I;

4. Electrical products designed to be used only under 200 V AC single-phase power supply voltage must provide warning labels.

Lighting equipment adopts standards

Fixed lampsIEC 60598-2-1
Portable general purpose lampsIEC 60598-2-4
Portable lighting for courtyardIEC 60598-2-7
Portable lamps for childrenIEC 60598-2-10
Aquarium lampsIEC 60598-2-11
Lighting stringIEC 60598-2-20
floodlightIEC 60598-2-5
Hand lampIEC 60598-2-8
Incandescent lampIEC 60432
Night lightIEC 60598-2-12
Double-capped fluorescent lampIEC 61195
Lamp holderIEC 60061-1

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