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LM-80 test

1. What is LM-80? What is the LM-80 report? Can I pass the LM-80 certification after the test?

1. What is LM-80?

LM-80 is the lumen maintenance measurement method of LED devices released by IES. Jointly promulgated by the IESNA Illuminating Engineering Society of North America and ANSI American National Standards Institute.

2. What is the LM-80 report?

The laboratory claims to be tested in accordance with the IES LM-80 test method and issued a test report on the lumen maintenance rate of the LED device (LED Package, Array/Module or COB) according to the standard requirements

3. Can I pass the LM-80 certification after the test?

LM-80 is not a product certification, and it cannot claim to be certified by any organization



Second, the main purpose of LM-80 testing and certification

1. Prove the performance of the product with a reliable method recognized in the world

2. Energy efficiency certification for end products

(1) ES (ENERGY STAR) of North American bulbs, the reported life is generally 15000H, 25000H.

a. With LM-80 report, you can apply for ES certificate first when the bulb is aging 3000H

b. There is no LM-80 report, the ES certificate can only be applied for when the bulb is aging 6000H

(2) ES, Reported life of North American lamps and lanterns is generally 25000H, 35000H, 50000H

a. With LM-80, the lamp does not need to be aging, test ISTMT, directly use LM-80 report to estimate the life

b. No LM-80, only when the lamps are aged 6000H can apply for ES certificate

(3) DLC of North American lamps and lanterns, the calculated life is generally 50000H

(4) VEET, IPART, and reported life in Australia are generally 50000H (customer requirements)

(5) Inmetro certification in Brazil

3. Content and use of LM-80 report

(1) At least one product in the report. At least one product in the report is tested under the same current and three temperatures (55, 85, optional temperature).

(2) When the LED device is used in the finished product, it will test the temperature of its corresponding point and the drive current of the LED

(3) By comparing the temperature and current conditions of the finished product with the temperature and current conditions in the report, if the conditions in the report are more stringent, the reported data can be adopted.





3. Which products need LM-80 test certification?

Led device: Led package (SMD), array, module

1. Led package LM-80 test certification: 2835, 3528, 3014, 5630, 3030, 5050



2. Led array LM-80 test certification



3. Led module LM-80 test certification



4.  LM-80 test certification test items

1. Lumen maintenance rate

(1) Integrating sphere test (0H initial value, 1000H, 2000H...... 5000H, 6000H, 7000H...... 9000H, 10000H......)



(2) Aging test (6000H, 9000H, 10000H...)





2. Test temperature control

(1) The samples are tested in three groups, and the Ts point temperature of each group is different, respectively at Ts point 55℃, 85℃, the third temperature is optional, and the three temperatures are tested. In the actual test process, the standard allowable temperature tolerance is -2℃.

(2) During the test, the ambient temperature Ta near the sample must be monitored, and the ambient temperature cannot be lower than Ts by more than 5°C.

(3) During the test, the Ts of each sample should be monitored in real time.

(4) The photometric test needs to be carried out at 25℃±2℃



5. Quotation basis for LM-80 test certification

1. Product type and wattage: package, COB, filament

2. Test temperature: 55 degrees, 85 degrees, optional temperature

3. Test time: 6000H, 7000H, 9000H, 10000H……

6. Data requirements for LM-80 testing and certification

1. Open case list: product model, voltage, current, test temperature, test time, series model

2. Lamp bead specification: product size chart



7. The number of samples tested and certified by LM-80

Package: The report requires 25pcs, and it is recommended that customers 30pcs per temperature

Filament and COB: The report requires 10pcs, and it is recommended that customers 15pcs per temperature

Test samples are greater than or equal to 20, Reported Life=6*test time

Test samples are less than 20, Reported Life=5.5*test time

8. Market demand for LM-80 testing and certification

1. As a new generation of lighting products, LED lighting products are expensive, claiming to be green, energy-saving and efficient, and energy efficiency certification is more pressured than other lighting products

2. LM-80 test certification saves a lot of test costs and certification cycles for finished product certification

3. The international LED lighting giant has already carried out the LM-80 test, and basically covers the entire series of lighting products

4. Taiwan, Japan and domestic packaging companies have begun testing, and reported products have appeared on the market one after another

5. Customers who have certified finished products have repeatedly consulted on domestic products with LM-80 reports

6. End customers will transfer from products without LM-80 reports to products with LM-80 reports

9. LM-80 report processing, LM-80 certification company


Guangdong Meide Certification Testing Technology Co., Ltd. has 5000 square meters of testing sites and excellent lighting testing equipment, equipped with professional lighting testing and certification engineers, providing one-stop testing and certification services for the majority of lighting customers for more than 10 years. Our services cover lighting testing and certification services in multiple countries such as energy efficiency, safety regulations, electromagnetic compatibility EMC, performance testing, etc. Meide Testing has been recognized by UL, NVLAP and other institutions in the United States. It can help companies meet international standards in the LM-80 test items of Led packages (SMD), Led arrays, Led modules and other products and the certification items of LED lighting products. Can quickly and efficiently help lighting manufacturers develop international markets.

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