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EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) electromagnetic compatibility refers to the ability of a device or system to meet requirements in its electromagnetic environment and not produce intolerable electromagnetic interference to any device in its environment. Therefore, EMC includes two requirements: on the one hand, the electromagnetic interference generated by the equipment in the normal operation process cannot exceed a certain limit; on the other hand, it means that the equipment has a certain degree of electromagnetic interference in the environment. The degree of immunity, that is, electromagnetic sensitivity.

CE-EMC certification introduction

CE is the abbreviation of French, and the English meaning is "European Conformity, which is the European Community. In fact, CE is the abbreviation of the phrase "European Community" in many languages of the European Community. The original English phrase EUROPEANCOMMUNITY was abbreviated as EC. Because the European Community is COMMUNATEEUROPEIA in French, the EC is changed to CE. In the European Community's "Resolution on New Methods of Technical Coordination and Standards" of May 7, 1985 (85/C136/01), the need is formulated The "main requirements" for the purpose of implementing the directive have a specific meaning, that is, it is limited to the basic safety requirements of products that do not endanger the safety of humans, animals and goods, rather than general quality requirements. The coordination directive only specifies the main requirements, and the general directive requirements are standards. The task of the product. The product meets the relevant directives and relevant main requirements, and the CE mark is a safety conformity mark rather than a quality conformity mark.

The "CE" mark is a safety certification mark and is regarded as a passport for manufacturers to open and enter the European market. All products affixed with the "CE" mark can be sold in the EU member states without meeting the requirements of each member state, thus realizing the free circulation of goods within the EU member states.

CE currently includes 24 new method directives. When the product involves more than one related directives, all directives must be met before the CE mark can be affixed. For example: most electrical products: household appliances, lighting, electronics, information equipment And other products are related to the low-voltage LVD and EMC directives; while the wireless equipment involves the radio and communication terminal directives, low-voltage LVD and electromagnetic compatibility EMC three directives


Meide testing, focusing on global certification and testing of lighting products, has a large-scale lighting test laboratory base of 5000 square meters, sophisticated laboratory equipment and industry senior EMC certification engineers, which can help your products obtain EMC certification and market in the European market. You apply for EMC certification Partner.

service advantage

1. More than ten years of experience in the lamp EMC certification industry, strong certification and testing technology;

2. Localization of lamps and lanterns testing and certification services, greatly shortening the certification cycle and quickly issuing certification;

3. Familiar with the EMC certification process, greatly shorten the EMC certification cycle and reduce costs;

4. The senior EMC certified engineer team provides one-to-one service throughout the whole process, which greatly improves the certification efficiency and pass rate.

5. Lamps EMC certification test ability and service efficiency are second to none in the industry;


Service area

LED control devices, LED modules, LED bulbs, corn lights, LED tubes, fixed lamps (ceiling lamps, wall lamps, wall wash lamps, chandeliers, fixed bracket lamps, high bay lamps, etc.), embedded lamps (tube Lamps, panel lamps, etc.), portable general purpose lamps, portable garden lamps, children’s portable lamps, LED street lamps, street lamps, floodlights, floodlights, track lights, portable lights, night lights, floor lights Buried lights, light strings, LED replacement light sources, LED drivers, LED light bars, ballasts, advertising lights, mirror lights, etc.


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