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IEC 62471 report

About the IEC62471 report

The IEC62471 report, that is, the photobiological safety report of lamps and lamp systems, is mainly to measure wide-band light, and calculate the time, angle, and sensitivity of human eyes and skin to light reaction.

IEC62471 standard scope of application

This standard provides guidance on the photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems, including various lamps. For all incoherent broadband electric light sources, including light-emitting diodes (LEDs) but not lasers, the assessment and control of photobiological hazards of optical radiation in the wavelength range of 200 nm to 3000 nm.



IEC62471 test content

1. Photochemical UV hazards (skin and eyes)

2. UVA hazards

3. Retina Blue Light Harm

4. Retina blue light hazard-small light source

5. Retinal fever hazards

6. Retinal heat hazard-low visual stimulation

7. Infrared radiation is harmful to eyes

8. Skin heat hazards


Classification of hazard levels

Class 0 danger (no danger) No light biological hazard

Class 1 hazard (low hazard) Under normal conditions of exposure, the lamp has no light biological hazard

Class 2 hazard (moderate hazard) The lamp does not produce photobiological hazards that are not sensitive to strong light and temperature

Category 3 danger (high danger) Instantaneous radiation can cause photobiological hazards

The emission limits of each hazard level specified by the IEC62471 standard


Information required to apply for IEC62471 report

Product input voltage/frequency, power, lamp bead specifications

IEC62471 report handling process

1. Fill in the application form

2. Send samples to our company

3. After the test is passed, an IEC 62471 report will be issued

IEC62471 report processing cycle

After getting the sample and opening the case, the IEC 62471 report can be issued within one day

IEC62471 report handling company

Meide testing, focusing on global certification and testing of lighting products, has a large-scale testing base of 5000 square meters, 24H operation of the photobiological laboratory, and one-to-one guidance by senior engineers. You can get the IEC 62471 test report in one day and quickly seize the market!

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