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DLC certification Design Lights Consort, DLC is a joint organization composed of public utility companies and regional performance efficiency agencies. It is in a high position to certify the quality and performance of energy-efficient lighting. DLC's goal is to promote high-quality, energy-efficient lighting design in all Popularization in the field of commercial lighting. The DLC certified product catalog is used by utility companies to promote high-performance solid-state lighting fixtures that have not been covered by the "ENERGY STAR" standard throughout the United States.

For non-ENERGY STAR lighting products, the DLC certified product catalog is a practical criterion for measuring high-quality, high-energy-efficiency lighting products.” Products that currently cannot be made by ENERGY STAR can also be DLC certified.

As a professional DLC agency in the United States, Meide Testing has the industry's high-standard configuration of lighting products safety certification test equipment, as well as LED lighting light intensity distribution, light color rendering, spectral luminous efficiency, energy star and other light performance tests equipment. Have the strength to provide a full range of one-stop testing and certification services for our customers' products to obtain certification from various countries, helping your products to be sold globally.


service advantage:

1. More than ten years of DLC lamp certification industry experience, strong technical strength;

2. Authorized by the US NVLAP, the test data is authoritative and effective;

3. Localized testing and certification services for lamps, greatly shortening the certification cycle, and the price is 50% lower than that of international organizations;

4. The lighting certification test ability and service efficiency are second to none in the industry;

5. Senior DLC certified engineers provide one-to-one services throughout the entire process, greatly improving certification efficiency and pass rate.

Test items

1. LM79 test

2. ISTMT test

3. The temperature rise test of the drive (this item is only for the premium version)

4. TM21 life analysis


Information required for DLC certification

1. DLC account and password

2. Product specifications

3. Lamp beads specification

4. 5-year warranty statement

5. TM-21 life estimation table

6. Test report (LM79 report + temperature rise report ISTMT+IES file)

7. Products applying for DLC certification must provide a safety certificate (ETL or UL and other federally recognized US)

8. With LM80 report, the cycle will be relatively reduced; without LM80 report, the cycle will be measured for 6000 hours

9. For the premium version application, it is necessary to provide the drive power specification and life evaluation report

DLC certification process

1. The customer provides an application form

2. Sample delivery test

3. Issue a test report

4. Apply for registration on DLC website

5. DLC preliminary review, invoice and payment after passing

6. DLC review

7. The website lists success, you can check on the DLC official website

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