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Quality test report

As e-commerce platforms such as Jingdong Mall, Tmall Mall, and Taobao Mall pay more and more attention to the quality of their products, the review and review of products on the platforms has become more and more stringent. More products need to provide quality inspection reports with CMA and other qualifications. Products in the CCC certified product list must also provide CCC certificates, otherwise they will all be blocked.

1. What is a product quality inspection report?

The so-called quality inspection report refers to the safety and performance testing of products successfully entering other platforms such as Tmall, JD.com or supermarkets, or as a reference standard for consumers. Different platforms have formulated a series of strict requirements for quality inspection reports. According to different products, different industries, and different categories, GB national standards, industry standards, and e-commerce standards have been formulated to carry out quality assessment and make basic Evaluate and analyze the reasons for qualified or unqualified quality.

2. What kind of quality inspection report is required for products to enter Taobao, Tmall, JD and other online stores?

1. The product quality inspection report provided by the company must be issued by a qualified national laboratory

2. The quality inspection report must be stamped with CMA and other seals

3. The quality inspection report must be a real and effective product of the company

4. If the product has a brand, it must be marked on the quality inspection report


3. How to apply for quality inspection report for products? What is the quality inspection report processing process?

Step 1: Acceptance of application for quality inspection report

1. After receiving a qualified application, the certification body will issue an acceptance notice to the applicant to notify the applicant to send or post relevant documents and materials.

2. At the same time, the certification body sends relevant charges and notices.

3. The applicant shall provide the information to the certification body as required.

4. After the applicant has paid, fill in the payment voucher as required.

Step 2: Review of quality inspection report data

1. In the data review stage, the product certification engineer needs to divide the application unit.

2. After the unit is divided, if sample testing is required, the product certification engineer sends a sample delivery notice and corresponding payment notice to the applicant, and at the same time, informs the applicant to send a sample acceptance notice to the corresponding testing agency.

Step 3: Receiving samples of quality inspection report

1. The sample shall be delivered directly to the designated testing institution by the applicant.

2. After the applicant has paid, fill in the payment voucher as required.

3. The testing agency shall check and accept the collected samples, fill in the sample acceptance report, and issue a sample rectification notice for unqualified samples, and fill in the sample acceptance report after rectification.

4. After receiving the progress of sample testing, the certification body will issue a formal acceptance notice to the applicant after confirming that the applicant’s relevant fees have been paid, and the testing agency will issue a test task letter, and the sample testing will officially start.

Step 4: Sample inspection of quality inspection report

1. The work that the enterprise should do in the type test stage is: send test samples, required parts and technical data, understand the test progress, if there are unqualified items, rectify according to the sample test, and notify the timely rectification.

2. After the sample test is over, the testing agency will fill in the sample test result notification.

3. The testing agency will also send the test report and other data to the certification agency.

Step 5: Receive the certificate of quality inspection report

4. How much does the product quality inspection report cost?

The cost of the quality inspection report is closely related to the tested products, test items, and test standards, and varies according to different product categories, test items, and time required for testing.

5. Where can I get the product quality inspection report?

Product quality inspection reports can comprehensively and objectively reflect product quality information, and are generally completed by a third-party professional quality inspection agency independent of both supply and demand. Third-party quality inspection professional inspection agencies are relatively independent, impartial and authoritative, and are qualified to issue fair data (quality inspection reports) to the society.



Meide testing-China CMA qualification(202019014890)

Sixth, product quality inspection report third-party laboratory: Meide testing

Meide has been focusing on global certification and testing of lamps for more than 10 years, and has obtained the China CMA(202019014890) qualification certificate. We have a complete testing laboratory, sophisticated laboratory equipment and industry senior quality inspection report test engineers.

Meide testing engineers will select the routine test items in the GB national standard according to your product to ensure that your product can pass the test and finally get a qualified quality inspection report. If your product needs to be issued with a quality inspection report certificate, you can come to Meide to test it.

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