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Canada IC

1. IC certification introduction

IC is the abbreviation of Industry Canada, and is responsible for the certification of electronic and electrical products entering the Canadian market. Its responsible products are roughly broadcast and television equipment, information technology equipment, radio equipment, telecommunications equipment, engineering and medical equipment, etc.

There are two main methods for IC certification:

1. IC self-declaration

2. IC ID certification


IC certification mark

2. The necessity of IC certification

  IC certification is a passport for electronic and electrical products to enter the Canadian market. Only through the relevant EMC certification can they enter the Canadian market for sales. It is a guarantee of quality and is easier to gain customers' favor.

3. IC certification product range

1. IC: general electronic products, such as power supplies, home appliances, computer peripheral products

2. IC ID: wireless products, such as Bluetooth products, tablet computers, wireless keyboards, wireless mice, wireless readers, wireless transceivers, wireless walkie-talkies, wireless microphones, remote controls, wireless network devices, wireless image transmission systems and others Low-power wireless products, 2G mobile phones, 3G mobile phones, 3.5G mobile phones, DECT mobile phones (1.8G, 1.9G frequency band), wireless walkie-talkies, etc.


Four, IC certification test items

1. IC certification

Only EMI requirements, test conducted and space radiation

2. IC ID certification

Conduction, radiation, bandwidth, spurious, etc.

Five, IC certification factory inspection and validity period

No factory inspection required

Validity period: standard expired update

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