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IES test


About the IES test

The IES light distribution curve test refers to the light intensity distribution of the light source (or lamp) in all directions in space. The curve formed by marking the light intensity values of all positions on the polar coordinate chart is the light distribution curve of the lamp. There are generally three methods of representation: one is the polar coordinate method, the other is the rectangular coordinate method, and the third is the equal intensity curve.

IES test results are important data for judging the energy efficiency and utilization of lamps. Generally, when foreign professional sellers purchase lamps, the light distribution curve should be provided as a basic parameter.


About IES files

The IES file is the electronic format of the light source (lamp) light distribution curve file. Because its extension is IES, we usually call it the IES file directly. It is the default file for storing the spatial light intensity distribution of the light source in many areas. format.

Light distribution test parameters:

Electrical parameters: voltage, frequency, current, power, power factor;

Light parameters (0-180°/90-270°): luminous flux, luminous efficiency, central light intensity; beam angle, ratio of luminous flux within the angle range, uniformity of color space distribution;

Light Distribution Laboratory

Information required for IES test

Provide samples, product application form

IES Testing Company

Meide testing, focusing on global certification and testing of lighting products, has the authorization of the United States NVLAP(600177-0) agency, a large-scale testing base of 5000 square meters, and 24H operation of light distribution, photobiology, integrating sphere and other laboratories. 




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