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LM-82 test

1. Introduction to LM-82 certification

LM-82 is used to test the relationship between the electrical and photometric characteristics of LED Light Engines (LED Light Engines) and integrated LED lamps (LED Lamp, Integrated LED) and temperature under working conditions.

The performance of LEDs (luminous flux, luminous efficiency, color, life) is largely affected by the junction temperature of the LED; the thermal environment around the LED changes with the design method of the lamp and the application environment, and the junction temperature of the LED also varies with The change. Therefore, by measuring the electrical and optical parameters of LED light engines and integrated LED lights at different temperatures, luminaire manufacturers can achieve the expected light output of a certain design including decorative lights and non-directional lights.


Definition of LED light engine and integrated LED light:

LED Light Engines: LED light engines, a product that integrates LED packages (components) or LED arrays (modules), LED drivers, and other optical, thermal, mechanical and electrical components. The device must pass a matching LED lamp The user connector is directly connected to the branch circuit. In this connection design, the ANSI standard base is not used.

LED Lamp, Integrated LED: Integrated LED lamp, defined as using several LED lamps, an integrated LED driver, and a'bulb' designed to be assembled through ANSI standard lamp holders/sockets that can be directly connected to the sub-circuit ANSI standard base connection.

Light Distribution Laboratory

2. LM-82 certification test items

input power

Input voltage

Input Current

Luminous flux

Luminous efficacy

CIE color coordinate

Correlated color temperature

Integrating sphere laboratory

3. Determination of temperature monitoring points

1) The temperature monitoring points designated by the manufacturer should be representative locations that are affected by the thermal environment and change greatly.

2) The UUT (unit under test) manufacturer specifies the temperature monitoring point Tb. The electrical characteristics of the UUT driver may also be affected by the operating temperature. Therefore, if conditions permit, the UUT driver manufacturer specifies the temperature monitoring point Td.

3) The temperature of the monitoring point and the performance of the UUT can be expressed as a functional relationship.

4) All parts of UUT, even if there is no mechanical connection between the components, should be under the same environmental conditions.

4. Information required for LM-82 certification

Temperature monitoring points, samples, product application forms designated by the manufacturer

5. LM-82 certification cycle

3 days, expedited

6. LM-82 certification handling company


Meide detects NVLAP qualification

Meide Testing, a laboratory authorized by the US NVLAP agency, has a large-scale testing base of 5000 square meters and excellent lighting energy efficiency testing equipment, and a team of more than 100 senior engineers performs 24H continuous testing. After receiving the samples and opening the case, LM- can be issued within 3 days. 82 test report.

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