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CQC certification is a voluntary product certification carried out by the China Quality Certification Center, which is divided into: CQC mark certification, resource saving (energy saving and water saving) certification, and environmental protection certification. The CQC organization uses the CQC mark to indicate that the product meets the relevant certification requirements for quality, safety, performance, electromagnetic compatibility, etc.; to add the "saving" mark to indicate that the product meets the relevant energy-saving and water-saving certification requirements; The implementation of "China Environmental Product Certification" and other methods indicate compliance with relevant environmental protection certification requirements. Obtaining CQC certification means that the product safety has obtained the guarantee of the brand, which can better establish the brand, improve market competitiveness, help the enterprise to obtain a healthy long-term development, and help the enterprise achieve the unity of economic and social benefits.

CQC is a voluntary certification, so what are the benefits of CQC certification for lighting products? At present, there are still some lighting products that are not within the mandatory scope of CCC. In the ever-developing society, everything has its inevitable development trend. In the future, these lighting products in the relevant CQC certification prescribed by the country will be included in CCC mandatory certification products At the time, under the premise of ensuring product consistency, there is no need for re-testing and certification, and the 3C certificate can be directly converted with the CQC certificate. Without compulsory circumstances, your family’s lighting products in the CQC range have been CQC certified, which proves that the company’s strong strength and excellent product quality can be unique among similar products and occupy a larger market.

CQC certification laboratory

Meide Testing is a global certification and testing service provider focusing on lighting products. It provides certification services for safety, electromagnetic compatibility and energy efficiency of lighting products worldwide. It is a third-party certification and testing agency dedicated to obtaining domestic and international certification for enterprises. We have obtained the China CNAS L13446 qualification, have a complete testing laboratory, sophisticated experimental equipment and industry senior certified engineers, which can help your products obtain CQC certification and increase the market share of lighting products.

service advantage:

1. More than ten years of experience in the lighting certification industry, strong certification and testing technology;

2. Provide CQC certified safety, electromagnetic compatibility, rectification testing one-stop service;

3. Familiar with the certification process, greatly shorten the certification cycle and reduce costs;

4. The senior engineer team provides full one-to-one service, with a high certification pass rate;

5. The lighting certification test ability and service efficiency are second to none in the industry;



Lamp CQC certification process

Stage 1: Application acceptance;

Stage 2: Data review;

Stage 3: Send samples;

Stage 4: Sample test;

Stage 5: Factory inspection;

Stage 6: Conformity assessment;

Stage 7: Certificate approval;

Stage 8: Printing, receiving, sending and managing certificates.


Meide testing China CNAS authorization qualification(CNAS L13446)

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