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Annual inspection

1. What is the annual confirmation inspection report?

Annual confirmation inspection report (referred to as annual inspection report). Confirmation inspection is an inspection conducted on the basis of inspection documents by randomly selecting samples from qualified products after routine inspection to verify that products continue to meet the requirements of the standard.

Confirmation inspection report is a report that needs to be provided for key components during CCC certification or CQC certification annual review, in other words, CCC confirmation inspection report or CQC confirmation inspection report. CCC/CQC certification is factory inspected every year. The samples of the company and the components that are randomly tested on the safety list need to be tested by relevant laboratories with information, so this report is valid for 1 year. The safety confirmation inspection report is once a year, and the EMC confirmation inspection is once every two years. 

2. CCC/CQC confirmation inspection report processing process

1. Test consultation

2. Business quotation

3. Fill in the test order form (provide product information)

4. Sample delivery

5. Open a case

6. Perform the test

7. Issue a test report


3. CCC/CQC confirmation inspection report cycle

5-7 days

4. How to implement the confirmation inspection report

The items of confirmation inspection are generally confirmed and inspected in accordance with the inspection items specified in the national standards, industry standards or the supplier’s enterprise standards for the key components and raw materials; when the factory or the supplier does not have the relevant inspection project capabilities, regular confirmation inspections can be Entrust a laboratory institution with relevant qualifications to do it.

5. Confirm inspection report handling company

Meide testing, focusing on global certification testing of lighting products, has established a large-scale testing base of 5,000 square meters in South China. Engineers provide one-to-one guidance throughout the process. They can provide you with a full range of services such as certification consulting, structure evaluation, product forecasting, and consultation hotline 13925582920 .

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