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Understand the difference between GS certification and CE certification in one article

Both GS certification and CE certification can be recognized by the European market. What is the difference between the two certifications? The following table shows the specific differences between the two:

GS certification

CE certification

Nature of certification

Voluntary certification

Compulsory certification

Applicable regulations

Applicable to German safety regulations for testing

Use EU standards for testing

Issuing agency

An independent third party authorized by the German government conducts testing and issues a GS mark certificate

The CE can be declared on the premise of having complete technical documents (including test reports)

Certificate annual fee

Must pay annual fee

No annual fee

Factory audit

The application needs to be reviewed by the factory and the factory needs to be reviewed annually after obtaining the certificate

No factory audit required


After the 5-year validity period of GS certification expires, the product needs to be retested and applied again

One-time certification, unlimited time limit

Market awareness

The GS mark is issued by an authorized testing unit, with high credibility and market acceptance

Factory self-declaration of product conformity, low credibility and market acceptance







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