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Singapore PSB


Singapore Consumer Product Protection Regulations 1991 designated the Singapore Standards, Productivity and Innovation Commission as the product safety agency responsible for licensing and registration of products covered by the Consumer Protection (Safety Requirements) Registration Scheme (CPS). Only registered products with the "SAFETY" logo can be sold in Singapore. The relevant units responsible for selling routine goods to consumers in Singapore must register each model with the security authority. Certificates and test reports must be used to verify that this model complies with mandatory product safety standards when logging in. At present, Singapore only requires safety, but only a voluntary principle for EMC. Safety requirements: Under the requirements of IEC standards, products must also meet tropical conditions. And Singapore certification must provide a local agent, and the certificate holder is also a local agent. Products can only be sold in Singapore after obtaining PSB.

LED lighting products are particularly important in many lighting fields such as residential use, facility use and street lighting. Under the global green concept of sustainable development, lighting products are expected to be replaced with LED lighting. PSB certification is a mandatory safety requirement for lighting products in the Singapore market. Only in this way can it be proved that the lighting products are produced under effective testing, supervision and control. It is a guarantee of product safety and reliability. Compared with products that do not meet the standard, it appears to have a greater advantage in competition, which greatly increases the visibility of the lighting manufacturer in Singapore and is conducive to better market development

PSB certification laboratory

Meide Testing, focusing on the global certification and testing team of lighting products, has established a large-scale testing base in the industry in South China (Dongguan), and strictly enforces quality control in accordance with the laboratory accreditation system standard ISO/IEC 17025. There is no doubt about the professional certification strength. We have a complete testing laboratory, sophisticated laboratory equipment and industry experienced certified engineers, so the lamps are exported to Singapore for PSB certification, just choose Meide testing! Meide testing, PSB certified expert by your side!


service advantage:

1. More than ten years of experience in the lighting certification industry, and strong PSB certification testing technology;

2. Provide PSB certified product evaluation, testing, rectification, certification and other services;

3. Our company directly connects with related organizations to save the time and cost of PSB certification;

4. Industry senior engineers will quickly answer your certification doubts and provide professional services;

5. The laboratory area is large, the testing equipment is sophisticated, and the professional one-to-one service is highly efficient;

6. The lighting PSB certification test ability is strong, and the agency directly recognizes our test data.

PSB certification process

1. The company submits an application

2. Quotation

3. Sign the contract:

4. Document review: review the application materials and technical documents submitted by the company

5. Issue a certificate


PSB certification data preparation

1. CB certificate and test report valid within three years (English version only)

2. Label (Applying for PSB only accepts a single model, and does not accept serial model applications)

3. Circuit diagram and Layout

4. Parts material list (BOM)

5. Architecture/Engineering Drawings and Parts List

6. English manual

7. Color photos, including external and internal (important safety parts) photo files

8. Other information, the name, address and contact details of the importer or agent in Singapore

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