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Australia RCM

RCM is the abbreviation of Regulatory Compliance Mark. The products that need to be made are mainly telecommunication products, radio communication products and electrical products. Electrical products are mainly divided into non-regulated and regulated products, because not all products marked with RCM need to be registered. Non-regulated products do not require registration. At present, only Level 3 electrical products need to be registered. There are 56 categories with high risk factors such as power adapters and vacuum cleaners. In general, the RCM logo should be marked on the product label. The original agent number required, the new RCM does not need to indicate the agent number.

RCM certification means that electrical products entering the Australian market must comply with local safety regulations, which is a certification that the industry often faces. Therefore, lighting products that want to be exported to Australia must do RCM certification. Only lamps with RCM certification can give customers a guarantee of safety and reliability. Compared with lamps without certification in the market competition, they have a greater advantage, the market share has increased, and the popularity has increased. Now, it will effectively and long-term occupy the Australian market.

RCM certification mark


RCM certification application process:

1. A third-party laboratory evaluates the product, determines the safety and EMC test standards to be implemented, and conducts the test;

2. If there is any non-conformity in the test, the laboratory will rectify the product to meet and meet the Australian standard requirements;

3. Pass the test and issue a test report;

4. Submit the safety test report to the Australian certification agency for document review and issue an SAA certificate;

5. Submit SAA certificate and EMC report to RCM audit department;

6. Pass the audit in Australia and issue RCM certificate;

7. Customers can complete the Australian website registration by themselves or by the laboratory.


RCM certification laboratory:

Meide Testing is a global certification and testing service provider that focuses on lighting products. It is a third-party certification and testing organization dedicated to obtaining domestic and international certification for Chinese companies. It can carry out global safety and energy efficiency certification services for lighting products. We are authorized laboratories by UL in the United States and TUV in Germany. We have a complete testing laboratory, sophisticated laboratory equipment and industry senior RCM certified engineers, which can help your products quickly obtain RCM certification and sell to the Australian market. The preferred partner for applying for RCM certification.

service advantage:

1. More than ten years of RCM certification industry experience in lamps and lanterns, strong technical strength;

2. American UL and German TUV authorized laboratories, the test data is authoritative and effective;

3. Localized testing and certification services for lamps, greatly shortening the certification cycle, and the price is 50% lower than that of international organizations;

4. Lamps RCM certification test ability and service efficiency are second to none in the industry;

5. Senior RCM engineers provide one-to-one services throughout the whole process, which greatly improves the certification efficiency and pass rate.


Service area:

LED control devices, LED modules, LED bulbs, corn lights, LED tubes, fixed lamps (ceiling lamps, wall lamps, wall wash lamps, chandeliers, fixed bracket lamps, high bay lamps, etc.), embedded lamps (tube Lamps, panel lamps, etc.), portable general purpose lamps, portable garden lamps, children’s portable lamps, LED street lamps, street lamps, floodlights, floodlights, track lights, portable lights, night lights, floor lights Buried lights, light strings, LED replacement light sources, LED drivers, LED light bars, ballasts, advertising lights, mirror lights, etc.

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