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Korea KC/KCC


In order to enable consumers to have a clearer understanding of the certification marks on the purchased products, and to reduce the various certification costs borne by product manufacturers, in July 2009, the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy (MKE) began to implement and adopt the national unified KC mark , Named "KC Mark" mark, the new mark stands for Korea Certification, and Korea’s current 13 compulsory marks will eventually be unified under this mark. One result of this move is to reduce supplier’s expenditure on certification costs. Use Korean KC Mark to gradually become a world brand certification. KC is a compulsory certification in Korea. Domestic or foreign manufacturers must obtain Korean safety certification before importing electronic products to Korea.

According to a person in charge of a lighting company in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, “At present, many large lighting companies import products from China, which undoubtedly has a big impact on small and medium-sized enterprises.” The majority of Korean consumers tend to buy high-quality and inexpensive home furnishings. Therefore, many large-scale lighting companies in South Korea have begun to take the market strategy of focusing on Chinese products, which will help Chinese lighting manufacturers to quickly find Korean partners and jointly open the Korean market. Moreover, China is close to South Korea and has a convenient geographical advantage to quickly supply lighting products. The prerequisite for entering the Korean market must be Korean compulsory certification-KC certification.

KC certification laboratory

Meide testing, focusing on the global certification and testing team of lighting products, has established a large-scale testing base in the industry in South China (Dongguan), and strictly enforces quality control in accordance with the laboratory accreditation system specification ISO/IEC 17025. The international IEC authorized CBTL certification and obtained KTC's CB There is no doubt about the qualifications of cooperative laboratories and professional certification. South Korean KTC agencies often visit Meide Testing to discuss cooperation between KTC and Meide Testing. Therefore, the lamps are exported to South Korea for KC certification, and Meide testing is your ideal partner!


service advantage:

1. More than ten years of experience in the lighting KC certification industry, strong certification and testing technology;

2. Provide KC certified product evaluation, testing, rectification, certification and other services;

3. Directly connect with the organization, pre-test in our company, KC certification pass rate;

4. The senior engineer team is familiar with the certification process and provides you with professional services;

5. The lighting KC certification test equipment is sophisticated, and the team has a high efficiency of one-to-one service;

6. The KC certification test data has been recognized by the Korean KTC organization, with high credibility.

KC certification test standards for LED lamps

(1) General lighting equipment

1. Fluorescent lamps; PLS lighting equipment; incandescent lamps, desk lamps (with electronic circuits); LED lamps; halogen lamps

The safety standard is: K60598-2-X;

EMC standards are: K00015 and K61547

2. Floodlight (with driving equipment, <=150W); high-pressure discharge lamp equipment (<=150W)

The safety standard is: K60598-2-X

(2) Ballast and lamp control device

1. Inductive ballast for lamps

Safety standard: K61347-2-8/K61347-2-9 K60923 K60921;

EMC standards: K00015 and K61547

2. Lamp electronic ballast

Safety standard: K61347-2-12/K61347-2-3 K60929;

EMC standards: K00015 and K61547

3. Neon transformer

Safety standard: K61050 K61347-2-10;

EMC standards: K00015 and K61547

4. Inverter for lighting equipment

Safety standard: K61347-X K61047 or K62384;

EMC standards: K00015 and K61547

(3) Incandescent lamps

1. Incandescent lamps, desk lamps (without electronic circuits)

Safety standard: K60598

2. Chandelier

Safety standard: K60598


(4) Discharge lamp

1. a fluorescent lamp

Safety standards: K60081, K61195 and k60901, K61199

2. Induction lamp

Safety standard: K10005

3. Mercury lamp

Safety standard: K60188

4. Metal halide lamp

Safety standard: K61167

5. Sodium lamp

Safety standard: K60192

(5) Other lighting equipment

1. Christmas light string

Safety standard: K60598;

EMC standards: K00015 and K61547

2. Floodlight (without driving device, ≤150W)

Safety standard: K60598;

EMC standards: K00015 and K61547

KC certification process


Technical information to be submitted for KC certification

1. Relevant application form

2. Product label

3. Product manual

4. Parts list

5. List of derived models

6. Circuit diagram and Layout

7. Parts certificate

8. Specifications of transformers, inductors, etc.

9. CB certificate and report (if any)

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