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Europe SCCP

About SCCP testing

SCCP is the abbreviation of Short Chain Chlorinated Paraffins. The full Chinese name is short-chain chlorinated paraffins. It is a kind of mixture with different chlorine content and carbon chain length between 10 and.

According to the chlorine content, it can be divided into four types: 42%, 48%, 50-52%, and 65-70%. The first three are light yellow viscous liquids, and the latter are yellow viscous liquids. 42%, 48%, 50-52% can replace part of the main plasticizers, which not only reduces the cost, but also makes the product flame-retardant and compatible.

The harm of SCCP short-chain chlorinated paraffin

1. Biological toxicity, affecting the immune system and reproductive system.

2. Short-chain chlorinated paraffins are considered hazardous substances to the environment, because such substances are highly toxic to aquatic organisms and have long-term negative effects on the aquatic environment.


SCCP control

Because of the strong toxicity of SCCP, in 2009, SCCP was listed as a substance of high concern-SVHC by the European Union. In the 2012 Regulation (EU) No 519/2013 amendment, SCCP was recognized as persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and was added to the list of prohibited substances in Regulation (EC) No 850/2004.

POPs require that the SCCP content in the substance or mixture should not exceed 1%, and the SCCP content in the article should not exceed 0.15%; SCCP is listed in the SVHC candidate list of the REACH regulation. If the SCCP concentration in the article exceeds 0.1%, EU production The supplier or importer shall fulfill the obligation of notification or notification provided by laws and regulations.

SCCP test process

1. Fill in the application form

2. Sample test

3. Test report

SCCP Testing Agency

Meide testing, focusing on global certification and testing of lighting products, has established a large-scale testing base of 5000 square meters in South China, equipped with 630 sophisticated experimental equipment, and 75 certified engineers with one-to-one service, allowing you to quickly pass the test and market!

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