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American UL

1. Introduction to American UL certification

UL is short for Underwriter Laboratories Inc. (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.). The UL Safety Testing Institute is the most authoritative in the United States and the largest private organization engaged in safety testing and identification in the world. UL certification is a non-compulsory certification in the United States, mainly for product safety performance testing and certification, and its certification scope does not include the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) characteristics of the product.


According to UL's different types of services, the UL mark can be divided into three categories, LISTED listed mark, Classified certification mark, and Recognize component certification mark. UL's services are not only based on the American UL standard, but also based on the Canadian standard (cUL). Therefore, the UL mark is also divided into UL products and cUL products, and both meet these three. The "us" at the bottom right of the UL logo means it is applicable to the United States, and the "c" at the bottom left means it is applicable to Canada, and both "us" and "c" are applicable to both countries.


The North American market has the most advanced and complete product testing standards, and higher requirements for product testing and certification. In order to seize the American market, Chinese electronic and electrical products must overcome these testing and standard constraints.

2. Information required for UL certification for lamps:

1. Instructions

2. Description of differences

3. Lamp beads specification

4. Structure size drawing

5. List of model parameters

6. List of key components

7. Circuit diagram and Layout diagram

3. Common UL certification standards for some lamps:

Product CategoryApplicable standards
Fixed LED lamps 
Recessed LED lamps  
Movable LED lamps   
Street lights and street lights  
Hand lamp 
Portable LED lamps for childrenUL153,UL8750
LED night light installed in power socket 
Floor recessed LED lampsUL1598,UL8750
Low-voltage string lights (without LED Driver)UL2108
Independent LED DriverUL8750,UL1310 (Listed)
内置式LED Driver  
UL8750,UL1310 (R/C)

4. UL certification fee is mainly composed of two parts:

The first is the initial testing costs. The preliminary inspection fee is mainly charged according to the standard, so the charging standards for different products are also different. The specific price requires you to provide product information, and the engineers of Virtue Testing can give you a quotation after evaluating it for you.

The second is the cost of later maintenance. Post-maintenance costs include factory inspection costs and annual fees. UL certification requires four factory audits a year, one in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

5. UL certification laboratory:

Meide Testing is a global certification and testing service provider that focuses on lighting products. It is a third-party certification and testing organization dedicated to obtaining domestic and international certification for Chinese companies. It can carry out global safety and energy efficiency certification services for lighting products. We have maintained a long-term friendly cooperation with UL. We have a complete testing laboratory, sophisticated laboratory equipment and industry senior UL certified engineers. We can help your products obtain UL certification and market in the North American market. We are your primary partner for UL certification. .

service advantage:

1. More than ten years of experience in the lighting certification industry, strong technical strength;

2. American UL authorized laboratory, the test data is authoritative and effective;

3. Localized testing and certification services for lamps, greatly shortening the certification cycle, and the price is 50% lower than that of international organizations;

4. The lighting certification test ability and service efficiency are second to none in the industry;

5. The senior engineer team provides one-to-one service throughout the whole process, which greatly improves the certification efficiency and pass rate.

Service area:

LED control device, LED module, LED bulb lamp, corn lamp, LED tube, fixed lamp (ceiling lamp, wall lamp, wall washer lamp, pendant lamp, fixed bracket lamp, high bay lamp, etc.), embedded lamp (tube Lights, panel lights, etc.), LED street lights, street lights, flood lights, flood lights, track lights, portable lights, children’s portable lamps, night lights, underground lights, string lights, LED replacement light sources, LED drivers , LED strips, ballasts, advertising lights, mirror lights, etc.

6. Major U.S. certification items










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