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Customs Union

EAC certification, namely the CU-TR certification of the Customs Union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus, is Таможенного союза (TC) in Russian. According to the agreement signed by Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan on October 18, 2010, the "Common Norms and Rules on the Technical Specifications of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation", the Customs Union Commission is committed to formulating uniform standards and requirements to ensure product safety. A certification, common to the three countries, thus forming the CU-TR certification of the Russian-Belarusian-Kazakh Customs Union. The unified mark is EAC, also called EAC certification. After February 15, 2013, products on the list must be certified by the Customs Union.

EAC certification is the only proof that the product complies with the technical regulations of the Customs Union. It will replace the original GOST certification and is a passport for manufacturers to open and enter the markets of Russia and other CIS countries. Customs Union certification can be divided into the Customs Union CU-TR certificate and the Customs Union CU-TR declaration of conformity.

Customs Union certification, also known as Customs Union Technical Specification Certification or Customs Union Certification, is abbreviated as EAC certification or CU-TR certification.

The signs are as follows:


Implementation process of certification regulations

The Technical Specification Directive certified by the Customs Union was formally implemented on February 15, 2013, and the certificate is valid for a maximum of 5 years. It will gradually replace the original certification systems of each member country, such as Russia's GOST-R certification, GOST-TR certification, Kazakhstan's GOST-K certification and Belarus' GOST-B certification, and conduct unified certificate filing management. Therefore, for Chinese companies, obtaining the Customs Union certification is the easiest way to open the markets of the member states of the Customs Union: Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

The application method is CB transfer; there is a factory inspection requirement, the first year, the CIG023 factory inspection report or factory inspection is provided, and the factory inspection or annual fee is provided every year


CU certification body

Meide Testing is a global certification and testing service provider that focuses on lighting products. It is a third-party certification and testing organization dedicated to obtaining domestic and international certifications for Chinese companies. It can carry out safety and energy efficiency certification services for lighting products on a global scale. We are authorized laboratories by UL in the United States and TUV in Germany. We have a large-scale luminaire testing laboratory base of 5000㎡, sophisticated laboratory equipment and senior CU certified engineers in the industry. We can help your products obtain CU certification and sell them in the European market. Your preferred partner for CU certification.

service advantage

1. More than ten years of experience in the lighting CU certification industry, strong certification and testing technology;

2. Localization of lamps and lanterns testing and certification services, greatly shortening the certification cycle and quickly issuing certification;

3. Familiar with the CU certification process, greatly shortening the CU certification cycle and reducing costs;

4. The senior CU certified engineer team provides one-to-one service throughout the whole process, which greatly improves the certification efficiency and pass rate.

5. Lighting CU certification testing ability and service efficiency are second to none in the industry;


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