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South Africa SABS


South African Bureau of Standards, SABS is a neutral third-party certification body in South Africa, responsible for system certification and product certification in South Africa. SABS certification is widely used in chemical products, biological products, fiber products and clothing, machinery products, safety equipment, electrical products, civil engineering and construction, and automotive products. In recent years, SABS certification has become an important weight for the South African government to control product imports.

After the product obtains the SABS certificate, it is necessary to provide the local agent information to South Africa, so the South African government will issue a LOA (Letter of Authorization) to the agent, at this time, the customer can sell to South Africa. In terms of the level of economic development in Africa, South Africa’s economic development is fast and the product certification system is not perfect. At this time, if SABS certification can be obtained, the products will be very popular in the entire South African market.

SABS certification laboratory

Meide Testing, a professional SABS certification agency, focuses on the global certification and testing team of lighting products, and is a third-party certification and testing agency dedicated to obtaining domestic and international certification for Chinese companies. A large-scale testing base has been established in South China (Dongguan). The quality control is strictly implemented in accordance with the laboratory accreditation system standard ISO/IEC 17025. There is no doubt about the professional certification strength. We have a complete testing laboratory, sophisticated laboratory equipment and senior SABS certified engineers in the industry. We can help your products obtain SABS certification and market them in the Australian market. We are your primary partner for SABS certification.


service advantage:

1. More than ten years of experience in the lamp SABS certification industry, with strong certification and testing technology;

2. Provide one-stop services such as lamp product evaluation, testing, and factory inspection guidance;

3. Local independent laboratory with advanced equipment greatly shortens the certification cycle;

4. The senior engineer team provides one-to-one service throughout the whole process, and the certification work efficiency is high;

5. With strong lighting certification and testing capabilities, the service efficiency is second to none in the industry;

6. The SABS certification test results are widely accepted.


1. South Africa's certification is divided into two situations:

The first type of application is to apply for LOA and COC, which are mandatory for imports from South Africa, and this certification procedure does not allow the SASB trademark to be placed on the label of the product. This type of application does not require factory inspection;

The second type of application is based on the first type of application that can apply for the use of the SABS Mark again. The use of this mark requires a series of factory inspection procedures and costs a lot. A certain amount of annual fees and factory fees must be paid each year. The inspection fee is the right to use the logo.

2. COC is an EMI test, and LOA is recognized by the letter of authority agent. You can apply directly to South Africa.


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