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Aging testing laboratory

As the "fourth-generation new light source", LED has the characteristics of long theoretical life, high luminous efficiency, and low energy consumption. It has gradually entered the general lighting field, and its market share has increased year by year. The ideal life expectancy of LEDs exceeds 50,000 hours, but the current actual lifespan is far from it, which seriously affects the large-scale application of LEDs. LED reliability testing and life prediction are the key to solving this problem. Reliability testing and life testing can help LED manufacturers find the design defects of LED products and the reasons that affect their actual life, so as to optimize LED products and extend their actual lifespan.


The life test is carried out by simulating various use conditions in the laboratory. In order to shorten the test time without changing the failure mechanism, the method of increasing the stress is used to carry out the test. This is the accelerated life test. The luminous intensity of the LED will show the phenomenon of light intensity or light intensity attenuation with long-term work. The aging degree of the device is related to the size of the external constant current source. It takes a long time to actually measure the life of the LED, so it is necessary to perform an accelerated aging test method.

Generally, there are three methods to calculate the life of LED:

1. Extrapolation of ordinary conditions

2. Temperature accelerated life test method

3. Current accelerated life test method

The Meide lamp aging test laboratory is equipped with the industry’s high-standard LED luminaire laboratory accelerated aging test system. We have Hangzhou Everfine’s LT-300A LED luminaire accelerated aging life test system. It is one of the few domestic testing institutions that have this set of test equipment. , Can provide life test for the LED lamps and LED modules of the majority of lighting manufacturers.







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