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Lighting photobiology test

Meide photobiology laboratory introduced Hangzhou Yuanfang OST-300 photobiological safety measurement system, HAAS-2000 spectrometer, wavelength range of 200nm-2550nm, fully covering the ultraviolet-visible-infrared wavelengths required by the standard. The system uses a double monochromator as a spectroscopic instrument. The spectral resolution capability is more than ten times that of ordinary spectrometers. In addition, Meide has also introduced the Hangzhou Yuanfang PMS-2000 photobiological safety measurement system, which can accurately and quickly measure surface-emitting LED light sources with uneven brightness. Through the combination of the above two systems, it can provide photobiological safety measurement services for the majority of lighting manufacturers, including the accurate measurement of IEC/TR 62778 blue light hazards.

Lamp energy efficiency test items:

LM-79 integrating sphere project, electrical parameters, LM-80 (luminous flux, luminous efficiency), spatial luminosity distribution (light distribution curve, beam angle), spatial chromaticity distribution, light source strobe test, light source start-up time meter, EN62778, EN62471 optical radiation test, etc.

Main energy efficiency certification projects:

U.S. DLC certification, U.S. Energy Star certification, U.S. DOE certification, California CEC certification, EU ERP certification, China CECP certification, Australian GEMS certification, South Korea K-MEPS certification, Canadian Nrcan certification...