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Integrating sphere test

Meide is one of the few testing institutions in the industry that has multiple sets of top integrating sphere spectrometer systems at the same time. Introducing the HAAS-3000 high-precision integrating sphere spectrometer system from Hangzhou Yuanfang, 2 meters inner diameter integrating sphere and multiple spectrometer integrating sphere systems, and with multiple sets of standard light sources, it can provide LED manufacturers with semiconductor lighting (LED) devices, modules and light sources Integrating sphere test service, in addition, we can provide special measurement items including START-1000 light source start-up time test system, LFA-2000 light source stroboscopic measurement instrument, light source rise time and LED stroboscopic (flicker) measurement.


Integrating sphere test parameters:

Electrical parameters: voltage, frequency, current, power, power factor;

Light parameters: luminous flux, light effect;

Color parameters: color temperature (CCT), display index (Ra, R9), color coordinates

Common lamp test standards:

EN60598-1, EN60598-2-X, EN61347-1, EN61347-2-X, EN62560, EN62776, EN62493, EN62471, IEC/TR 62778, EN62031

GB7000.1,GB7000.X, GB19510.1GB19510.X,GB17625,GB24819

UL1993, UL8750, UL1598, UL1310, UL1012, UL153, UL1598C, UL1574, UL962, UL2108, UL588, UL2388, UL1786, LM79, LM80, AS/NZS4665, GB20943, Lamp 2.0, Luminaries 2.0, DLC 4.2

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