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What is the IK level test for lamps

The protection requirements of IK and IP often appear together. For outdoor electronic equipment, whether it is overhead, buried or ordinary outdoor placement, corresponding IP and IK requirements are required. The IK level is determined by the free fall impact of the pendulum in joules. The specific reference standard is the protection level of electrical equipment enclosures against external mechanical collisions (IK code).

In the lighting industry, such as street lamps, explosion-proof lamps and some special lamp types, the IK protection class of the lamp housing between IK05 and IK10 needs to be tested, especially in the tests of IK07, IK08, IK09 and IK10. The purpose of the test is mainly to check whether the protection level of the housing of lighting products meets industry and national requirements.

IK level test standards and methods for lamps

IEC62262 (prescribes how to install the tested object when doing IK protection level test, ventilation requirements, the number and distribution of impact hammers and the corresponding impact hammers for each level), IEC60598 (GB7000) and IEC60068-2-75 (GB2423.55) standards Next about the application of IK testing of lighting products. These related standards mainly regulate the related test steps and usage methods of lighting products in IK protection level testing, and finally meet the requirements for testing whether the product is qualified.

In the IEC62262 protection level code, the IK code represents the protection level of the enclosure against harmful mechanical collisions from the outside. The characteristic number combination is: 01 to 10, namely: IK01, IK02, IK03, IK04, IK05, IK06, IK07, IK08, IK09 and IK10 . The 10 levels are divided into two groups of tests according to different levels of testing: the first group is the spring impact hammer test from IK01, IK02 to IK06, the energy of this group of tests is relatively small (from 0.14J to 1J); One group is a large pendulum test from IK07, IK08 to IK10, and the test energy is relatively large (ranging from 2J to 20J).