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Optical distribution laboratory

Meide has introduced a full set of the GO-R5000 Goniophotometer with the highest specification from Hangzhou Yuanfang, measuring the maximum diameter of the light-emitting surface of the lamp up to 1.6 meters, and measuring the length of the optical channel up to 18 meters. It is one of the few domestic testing institutions with this set of equipment. Lamp manufacturers provide testing items such as luminous flux, luminous efficiency, and light distribution curve.


Light distribution test parameters:

Electrical parameters: voltage, frequency, current, power, power factor;

Light parameters (0-180°/90-270°): luminous flux, luminous efficiency, central light intensity; beam angle, ratio of luminous flux within the angle range, uniformity of color space distribution;

Main energy efficiency certification projects:

U.S. DLC certification, U.S. Energy Star certification, U.S. DOE certification, California CEC certification, EU ERP certification, China CECP certification, Australian GEMS certification, South Korea K-MEPS certification, Canadian Nrcan certification...