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American Lighting Design Consortium (DLC)

About the American Lighting Design Alliance DLC

DLC (Design Lighting Consortium) is a cooperative organization between public utility companies and regional energy efficiency organizations. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the lighting quality of the lighting industry. It is in a leading position in certification of the quality and performance of energy-efficient lighting.

DLC is currently supported and funded by 85 member energy efficiency projects in the United States and Canada. Members provide expertise and insights on policy and specification development processes and topics related to quality, performance, energy efficiency and the transformation of the lighting market. In return, members use DLC resources to improve their business efficiency plans, meet and exceed their energy-saving goals, and provide their customers with product quality and performance guarantees.


DLC history


In 2015, DLC launched the Commercial Advanced Lighting Control (CALC) program. The project aims to implement extensive lighting control in commercial buildings and external environments by solving market barriers to adopting this technology.


In 2010, DLC launched the QPL for commercial-grade SSL lamps. DLC members include utility, state and regional energy efficiency programs from 35 states in the United States and five provinces in Canada.


In 2008, LED lighting for general lighting has been commercialized, and the energy efficiency community is eager to obtain energy-saving benefits. The energy efficiency project manager in the Northeast turned to DLC to create similar resources for commercial-grade LED lamps. This resource becomes the DLC Solid State Lighting Qualified Product List (QPL).


In 2006, DLC hired mid-market participants to participate in a new commercial lighting program for high-performance T8 (HPT8) fluorescent lighting.


DLC started in 1998 as the commercial lighting program of the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership, initially consisting of a working group of energy efficiency project managers.







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