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Energy efficiency laboratory

Meide Testing Lamp Energy Efficiency Laboratory is a large-scale lighting lamp test center established in accordance with ISO/IEC17025. It can test the color, light efficiency, light distribution, electricity and other aspects of the lamps and lanterns provided by customers, and can also pass LM-79 , LM-82 and other tests completed the energy efficiency life test of the lamp bulb.

Looking at the world, all developed regions around the world have formulated incentive mechanisms and policies to guide and promote the development of energy-saving and environmental protection industries. Under the background of "green development" of enterprises and "green life" of the public, the lighting industry also requires manufacturers not only Only care about the use and beauty of the product, and pay more attention to the energy efficiency of the product. The requirement of the development of modern society is no longer to save energy, but to improve energy efficiency, that is, to use less energy input to improve the same energy service. The energy efficiency certification of major lamps in the world has the following items.

1. China Energy Efficiency Certification CECP

China Energy Efficiency and Energy Conservation Certification is a voluntary product certification issued by the China Quality Certification Center. It must be certified by a laboratory cooperating with the CQC organization to complete the test and issue the certificate by CQC. There are factory audit requirements.

2. U.S. DOE energy efficiency

The full name of DOE is Department of Energy, which is an energy efficiency certification in the United States. The energy efficiency rating of this certification is Level IV, which was mandatory on July 1, 2011. By February 2016, the energy efficiency level is required to reach Level VI. This certification requires an online login and can be found on its official website. Meide Testing can help to log in for free, and there is no requirement for the laboratory, as long as there is testing equipment.

3. U.S. CEC energy efficiency

CEC energy efficiency is for products exported to California, the full name is California Energy Commission (California Energy Commission). At present, CEC stipulates that there are 21 categories of products that need to meet energy consumption requirements. CEC needs to apply for laboratory qualifications before issuing reports.

4. Energy Star Certification Energy Star

Energy Star (Energy Star) is an energy saving plan led by the US government, mainly for consumer electronic products. The Energy Star program was launched in 1992 by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the US Department of Energy (DOE).

5. European ErP energy efficiency

The European ErP energy efficiency has been enforced on April 26, 2010 for the first phase. From April 26, 2011, the second phase of the requirements will be enforced. Its mark is CE Mark, there is no requirement for login, no requirement for laboratories, ErP does not yet have level VI requirements, currently refer to the level requirements of European COC VI.

6. Australia GEMS (formerly MEPS)

GEMS is an energy efficiency certification from Australia. MEPS currently has three levels of Level III, IV and V, as long as it meets the lower energy efficiency requirements. You must log in before you can sell on the market. Our company can help log in, and there will be costs.

 MEPS has no requirements for laboratories.

7. NRcan, Canada

The Canadian energy efficiency certification NRcan began to be enforced on April 12, 2012. There are requirements for the issuing unit and can only be submitted to the certification company for application. Virtue Testing can help with registration. Currently there are only Level IV requirements. Energy efficiency label: International energy efficiency labels IV, V, VI can be marked. It can also mark the energy efficiency mark of the certification body. There are login requirements and no cost. Starting from July 1, 2016, Level 6 will be mandatory.







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