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Common safety certification standards for portable lighting products

Movable lamps refer to lamps that are not designed for special purposes, and in normal use, the lamps can be moved from one place to another after being connected to the power source. The power supply methods of the lamps include: power cords, plugs, and appliance sockets. Lamps that are connected to the grid power supply through a power cord with a plug, can be fixed to a support with thumb screws, steel clips, and hooks, and can be easily removed from the support with bare hands, are considered to be Removable general purpose lamps. Such as desk lamps, movable bracket lamps, cabinet lamps, floor lamps, etc., the common safety certification and testing standards for movable lamps are as follows:

UL/ETL certification standards

UL153, UL8750

CCC/CQC certification standards

GB 7000.1

GB 7000.204

IEC/TR 62778 (Blue Light Hazard)

GB 17743 (EMC radiation)

GB 17625 (EMC harmonics)

CE/TUV/GS certification standards for portable lamps

EN 60598-1

EN 60598-2-4

EN 62471

IEC/TR 62778

EN 62493

CB certification standard

IEC 60598-1

IEC 60598-2-4

IEC 62471

IEC/TR 62778

IEC 62493

SAA certification standard for portable lamps

AS/NZS 60598.1

AS/NZS 60598.2.4

IEC 62471

IEC/TR 62778

IEC 62493

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