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Plant Light DLC V1.2 Handling Guide is here

DLC is a project proposed by NEEP, in order to solve the LED lamps not included in Energy Star, focusing on commercial and industrial lighting, DLC V1.2 is aimed at plant lighting.

The update of DLC V1.2 standard compared to V1.1 standard:

1. LM-80 report containing PPF value is required;

2. Update the requirements of TM-33; SQD and PPID image formats are still accepted for submission, and data in TM-33 format must be provided after October 2020;

3. Applicable products, test items and data judgment comparison V1.1 have not changed;


Requirements for products that can apply for DLC V1.2:

1. The most basic requirements: need to work under North American standard AC line voltage;

2. In order to replace the bulbs with existing light sources, light engines or downlight refurbishment kits cannot be applied for;

3. The lamps and lanterns contain light sources other than LEDs, no matter whether they are used as a single light source or a mixed light source, they cannot be applied for;

4. Fixing devices that use externally supplied active cooling systems (including circulating liquid and pipe forced air) are unqualified. Those that include an internal active cooling system can be measured by standard fixture test procedures, such as fans on ships, are qualified.

Information required for plant light DLC certification:

1. The latest product specifications, DLC does not accept product specifications that are only made for the application for listing, and requires the final specifications to be shipped with the product.

2. Marketing manuals, marketing materials;

3. Driver information file, a list of driver information (input and output electrical parameters, PF, THD, etc.) provided by the driver manufacturer for all series of drivers in the submitted product, in order to prove the worst driver model;

4. Warranty, minimum requirement of 5 years, must include lens, driver, lamp beads and other key components;

5. Safety certificate;

6. LM-79;

7. SQD, PPID pictures, format: 300*300 pixel, files in TM-33 format are required after October 2020;

8. Lamp beads specification;

9. LM-80 report must include PPF data; if the product contains different lamp beads, LM-80 report is required for each lamp bead;

10. TM-21;

11. Temperature rise report (lamp beads, driver); it needs to be tested under the maximum working ambient temperature of the lamp;

12. Driver specification, if it contains multiple drivers, each driver needs;

13. Fan drive specification, if it includes a fan;

14. Spectral flux test report, if the product contains special functions with adjustable frequency spectrum.



Meide detects NVLAP authorization qualification

Plant Light Certification and Testing Company

1. Meide testing is a laboratory authorized by NVLAP and UL in the United States. The test data is authoritative and effective. It can provide you with certification services such as DLC and UL8800 for plant lights.

2. Equipped with light distribution, integrating sphere, temperature rise, aging and other testing equipment, engineers have rich experience in lighting certification and rapid testing.

3. Engineers will guide you through the whole process and provide you with a full range of services such as certification consultation and product evaluation. The consultation hotline is 13925582920.







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