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How to apply for FCC certification for flood light

Spotlights are lamps that specify that the illuminance on the illuminated surface is higher than the surrounding environment, also known as spotlights. Generally, it can aim in any direction and has a structure that is not affected by weather conditions. It is mainly used in stadiums, overpasses, parks and flower beds. If you want to export the floodlights to the United States, you have to talk about the US FCC certification, because this is a compulsory certification project, let's understand what certification form, testing standards and testing standards are used for FCC certification for the floodlights. Test items.

Certification form: FCC SDOC

The SDoC certification program requires a test report. It is not mandatory to test in the FCC Recognized Accredited laboratory. Products that pass the FCC SDoC certification program will be able to choose whether to mark or not to mark the FCC logo.

The SDoC requires the addition of the declaration of conformity document to the equipment attached to the equipment. The declaration of conformity must include: the name, address or contact URL of the local supplier in the United States and other necessary information.

Testing standard: FCC 47 CFR Part 15B

Test items: only EMI part,

Power conduction (CE): frequency range 0.15~30MHz

Space radiation (RE): frequency range 30MHz~40GHz

Information required for FCC certification of flood light

1. Application Form

2. Product manual

3. List of key parts

4. Circuit diagram, etc.

FCC certification company for flood light

Meide testing, focusing on global certification testing of lighting products for more than 10 years, has established 2 EMC testing laboratories, equipped with senior lighting certification engineers, so that your floodlights can quickly obtain FCC certification. FCC certification processing discount, details

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